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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

fsk Posts Some Thought about Line Rider

fsk, the creator of Line Rider, has posted some thoughts about Line Rider in a journal entry at deviantart.

Some of the more interesting pieces:

i didnt add the line drawing tool on purpose because i wanted it to be a freehand thing so it would involve some skill like any other good toy. i dint want to add the eraser because of the same reason and because i thought it would resemble life more. if you make a mistake its there, if its to big you have to start over

hmm, i gues i should give him a name right now:D. ill call him Dude for now, even though its the lamest name:) (reminds me of big lebovski with his passivenes)

i did not want to say l will never add the extra tools:) i just explained why they werent there in the first place.

and i can tell you that the update is coming really soon. for real this time:)

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Blogger Dave said...

I am writing a series of Friends of Line Rider, covering all the variations. Of course I started with Line Rider - The Classic.

9:40 AM  

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